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Download Clash Royale 1.6.0 Apk Download

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Clash Royale 1.6.0 Apk

Here You can free Download Clash Royale v1.6.0 Game .As you may Know Clash Royale Apk is now updated to version 1.6.0. If you had played Clash of Clans, a famous strategy game from Supercell, then you must know how brilliant and addictive the game is. The same developer has now released a new game named Clash Royale. The character in Clash Royale are similar to Clash of Clans, but the game design and gameplay is entirely different. It has a real-time duel mode attacking a system and has the objective of collecting cards so to unlock the characters. Also, there are many areas where the duel fight will be played and as the game proceeds, more and more areas gets opened.

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